Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 11:01

In 2016, Henan Compere Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed a project of Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 20,000 tons of lithium carbonate workshop low-voltage distribution cabinet project, providing the project with a total solution for power quality monitoring and distribution management. Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. was established in November 2010 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. It is located in the old town industrial park of Feicheng City, mainly engaged in the sales of lithium carbonate, fluoride salt and white carbon black. Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. has dozens of professors, senior engineers and graduate students. It actively develops various forward-looking high-end lithium products and actively promotes the structural adjustment and optimization of China's lithium industry. It is not only an important member of the China Lithium Industry Association, but also the world's first lithium-silver production company.

In order to further help Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. realize intelligent power management, the company's electric energy can be refined and controlled, so as to achieve energy saving and emission reduction and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Therefore, our company installs a smart power energy efficiency collection terminal (KPM53 three-phase intelligent power meter) in its low-voltage power distribution cabinet, and at the same time adds an electric power management system, and the multi-function power meter displays the real-time detection status of the energy-using equipment. To achieve the purpose of centralized monitoring and management, improve the safety and intelligence of electricity consumption, improve the quality of operation and maintenance, and reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. can not only improve the energy management level of the enterprise, but also realize the energy consumption assessment of various departments and various production lines by using the distribution management system and multi-function power meter produced by Kangpai Intelligent. Data support for the energy cost of the production line, and Shandong Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. provide strong data support for the transformation of energy-consuming equipment.