Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 10:08

The multi-function instrument of Henan Compere Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., as the terminal monitoring device of the power management system, is also frequently used in building buildings. Among them, Sichuan Nanchong Yihe·Shanyu City is one of the classic cases!

 The Yihe·Shanyucheng project is located in the gateway area of Gaoping District, Nanchong, Sichuan. It can overlook the Jialing River in 20 miles and occupy the topography of the city. The 1800-acre Yihe·Sanyu City is also the lowest density of Nanchong. The community is only 1.2 km from the Gaoping Political Economy Center. Therefore, the infrastructure facilities around Yihe·Shanyucheng are very comprehensive.

 In the multi-purpose instrument market where fish and dragons are mixed, the quality of products of different manufacturers is uneven. Therefore, how to purchase cost-effective multi-function meters is also annoying things for many people. Compere intelligent multi-function instrument is strictly controlled from 16 production processes. From raw material inspection to package delivery, the standardized process is strictly adopted, thus ensuring product quality. On the other hand, in order to provide customers with more cost-effective multi-function meters, Henan Compere Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. starts from the supplier and production process, continuously leans and refined production, and then provides customers with cost-effective power quality terminal monitoring. device. It is believed that under the joint efforts of all colleagues of Henan Compere Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Compere intelligent multi-function meters will definitely be more used in buildings and industrial fields!