Company News

on 20 Jun 2019 16:22

Compere focuses on the field of power intelligence, providing power quality monitoring products, intelligent communication equipment and energy management system services to users around the world. With the mission of “distribution interconnection, green energy efficiency”, Compere Intelligent provides systematic solutions for the efficient use of energy in the world. As an influential manufacturer in the field of power intelligence, Compere Smart was invited to participate in the EP China 2018 International Electric Power Exhibition.

Brief introduction of 2018 EP China Electric Power Exhibition

The International Electric Power Exhibition (EP) began in 1986 and is a brand power show with scale and influence in the domestic power industry. Organized by China Electricity Council and Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., it is a domestic brand exhibition with scale and influence.M

Exhibition status

During the exhibition, Compere intelligent energy management system, multi-function power meters and other independent research and development of intelligent products, have been favored and praised by all walks of life.

In this exhibition, Compere Intelligent mainly displays systemized energy solutions and corresponding collection terminals (such as multi-function power meters, communication management machines, smart water meters, smart gas meters, wireless temperature measurement, etc.). Compere intelligent energy management system and power management system are energy-efficiency monitoring systems based on B/S architecture. Users can use intelligent devices to query energy consumption data and operation and maintenance at any time and anywhere, and help users find equipment faults in time and solve them quickly. At the point of failure, reduce the economic loss caused by equipment failure as much as possible. In addition, the energy management system can be widely used in industrial, intelligent buildings, power, petrochemical, medical, public facilities and other fields. The flexible application model of the energy management system and the implementation cases in many fields allow the exhibitors to make a high evaluation of the system.

On the other hand, it is a multi-functional power meter independently developed and produced by our company. It has a novel appearance, rich product variety, rich functions and strong scalability. From the development of energy management system, power management system architecture and software to independent research and development of multi-function power meters and communication management machines, our products can cover the on-site monitoring layer, network communication layer and system management layer of energy efficiency management system. Energy systematization provides a total solution that is highly matched and competitively priced.

In this EP China 2018 International Electric Power and Electrical Exhibition, our company has been recognized by manufacturers and experts from all over the country, and has produced a multi-dimensional chemical reaction with many manufacturers.