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on 19 Aug 2022 17:57

Compere passed CMMI2.0-L3 certification!

After a comprehensive assessment and audit by ISACA (International Information Systems Audit Association), Henan Compere Smart Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully passed CMMI2.0-L3 certification!
This signifies that Compere has reached a high level in the industry in terms of standardized software R&D process, maturity of development capability and project management level, and has realized the convergence with the international mainstream model, providing a stronger guarantee for the quality of Compere products.

CMMI certification is called "Capability Maturity Model Integration", which is a software capability maturity assessment standard jointly researched and developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and Carnegie Mellon University, and promoted worldwide.
It is not only the certification of product quality, but also a way to improve the software process, to promote software companies in the development of products, services and management of continuous maturity and progress of the means, to continuously improve and perfect the process of their own capabilities.

The CMMI2.0-L3 certification is the result of the joint efforts of all the employees of Compere. This is not only the recognition and affirmation of international experts on the R&D capability, but also represents the superior strength of Compere R&D team, which has reached international standards in team management, staff quality, process management and service quality.
In order to successfully pass this assessment and certification, Compere has gone through a long and rigorous study and implementation and assessment preparation, and established a complete quantitative management system and optimized management system.

During the period, all R&D projects of Compere are run according to the system, and the company has been comprehensively improved in terms of process organization ability, technical R&D ability, project management ability and solution delivery ability of software R&D.

CMMI2.0-L3 certification has improved the management level of Compere, made the disorderly management system become orderly, made the subjective management become objective, and made the manual rule become system management by introducing the international advanced technology and management concept, so as to improve the delivery level, ensure the project quality and delivery cycle, provide the customers with better and more reliable informationization overall solutions. It also accumulates valuable experience for the company in quality management and process improvement in line with international advanced management ideas.

The passing of this certification audit is not only an important milestone for the standardized management and continuous improvement in the fields of software R&D and application development, but also a new start for the company's continuous innovation and development in the future to provide better services to customers.

In the future, Compere will continue to take advantage of its leading position in technology, R&D and management, fully integrate the CMMI2.0-L3 assessment and certification standards into the product development process, continuously improve and enhance, fully meet customer needs, adapt to the development of technology changes, provide better products and services for customers, create greater value, and contribute to the intelligent upgrading and digitalization of Chinese enterprises. We will continue to improve and enhance our products and services to meet customer needs, adapt to changes in technology, provide better products and services, create greater value, and contribute to the intelligent upgrading and digital transformation of Chinese enterprises.

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