Case application

on 20 May 2022 11:47
Recently, Compere has completed the delivery, installation and commissioning of the WIFI prepayment system for Eastern European customer.

The customer's requirement in this project is to directly upload the data of the smart meter to the server through WIFI, and conduct power control and recharging through the WiFi MQTT protocol, and customize their own payment gateway.
The number of smart prepaid meter in this project is about 1,000, and there are many distributed sites, and WIFI is available in these sites.

Compere helps customers to achieve the required functions through the single-phase prepaid WIFI meter KPM31B-Wi and T@PREPAY prepaid system.

Solution Structure

T@PREPAY prepaid metering system is a self-service energy management system that integrates energy consumption monitoring, automatic control, report output, power water gas transactions, remote payment and other functions.

The system supports real-time data monitoring, remote meter reading, remote control, prepayment, energy consumption statistics, report management, payment management, multi-rate setting and other functions. Provide customers with a simpler payment model for electricity, water, gas and other energy bills.