Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 11:10
In 2016, Henan CompereIntelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed an expansion project for the production workshop of Lishui Xinyuan Paper. Compere Intelligent provides power supply quality monitoring and distribution management solutions for the project through hardware and software equipment such as multi-function power meters and distribution management systems. Lishui Xinyuan Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Lishui County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. Its main products are double-adhesive paper, flat-rolled writing paper, glossy paper, yellow anti-myopia paper, composite paper and other industrial papers. Cultural paper. Due to the rapid expansion of the business of Lishui Xinyuan Paper, the company decided to renovate and expand its production workshop. However, at the beginning of the expansion of the production line, a purposeful transformation was carried out for the extensive management of the past electric energy. In the project transformation plan, the power distribution room installation monitoring terminal equipment is a smart power energy efficiency collection terminal KPM53 three-phase intelligent power meter, through which the energy consumption and operation information of each energy consumption monitoring point are collected. The PUMG2500 series communication management machine processes and uploads various types of power parameters and data monitored by the monitoring terminal to the power distribution management system of the central control room. In this way, the power management system helps the user to quickly grasp the general situation of the energy consumption of the enterprise through on-line monitoring, statistics, analysis and comparison, and provides the basis and guidance for the improvement of energy use. On the other hand, the power management system helps the fault personnel to identify faults and The analysis of hidden conditions enhances the ability of enterprises to detect, warn and dispose of the operating status of electrical products and their lines, and strengthens physical defense measures. The application of the distribution management system in Lishui Xinyuan Paper will help improve the power management level of the enterprise, accurately grasp the operation of the power equipment, and achieve precise supervision and intelligent supervision of the unit power consumption safety.