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on 29 Sep 2022 16:29
Photovoltaic power generation is a new energy source that has been developing rapidly in recent years. As the scale grows, the previous manual way of counting revenue and inspecting and monitoring the power station cannot meet the operation demand, for this reason, Kangpai Intelligent has developed an energy management system to realize remote monitoring of the power station.

PV power generation energy management system is a standard general IOT cloud-based platform type service system, supporting access management of multiple communication protocol devices, including ZigBee, LoRaWAN, OPC UA, CAN, Modbus and other protocols, with remote monitoring and management of equipment, data analysis, data analysis, alarm triggering, data pushing and other functions. It can realize real-time monitoring of key parameters of various types of equipment, support data collection, power plant monitoring, operation and maintenance operation of PV and storage new energy power plants, a full set of management and energy consumption analysis business, and visualize and display on the central control screen. In addition, the system can collect equipment data, grasp real-time power generation, power generation revenue and other data, and realize remote online monitoring and management of power station temperature, humidity, equipment operation status, etc. The monitoring platform of PV power station can be monitored and managed through PC terminal and cell phone app.

PV power plant energy management requirements

The core index of PV power station is power generation as well as power generation efficiency. Insufficient power generation, the user's income will be correspondingly damaged, general PV power plant power generation is low mainly for the following reasons:

1, photovoltaic modules are shaded (object shading, dust shading).
2, the wiring of the power station (different wiring methods have an impact on the amount of electricity generated)
3, the orientation of the power station and the angle of tilt.
4, equipment failure (inverter failure and other equipment failure).

It can be seen that there are many objective factors affecting PV power generation, so it is especially important to monitor the power generation and equipment status of the power station in real time and find abnormal power data in time, so it is necessary to establish a PV power generation energy management system for real-time data monitoring.

The PV power generation energy management system is a set of combined software and hardware solution that can help users to solve the problems of not being able to find abnormal power station in time and not being able to obtain power station operation, with the following functions.

1. Supports real-time statistics on power generation and revenue of the power station, which greatly reduces operation and maintenance costs.
2. Can dynamically monitor equipment failures and notify users at the first time, reducing equipment failure response time.
3. Support data display of multiple power stations and remote view of power station status, etc.