Company News

on 24 Aug 2022 17:18

August 21-23, 2022 World Sensors Summit opened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center grand. “sense the world, create the future” as the theme, gathered the global sensor field well-known experts, scholars, industry representatives, industry associations, associations and other high-end dialogue, research and judgment of industrial development trends, to discuss industry hot issues, together to help the flourishing development of the field of sensing.

As a comprehensive energy management service provider with many implementation cases and rich practical experience in sensor application, Compere exhibits many system solutions and power quality monitoring and management products such as T@ENERGY energy management system, T@ENERGY-BEMS building energy monitoring system and T@Sensing equipment health management system at this exhibition.

In the "IoT" scenario, sensors are ubiquitous and an integral part of the IoT. With the continuous development of sensors and the in-depth exploration and practice of IoT technology, industrial IoT is taking the application of sensors to a new level.

Sensors are devices that detect and respond to environmental changes, monitor various information data, such as light, temperature, motion and pressure, etc., and output valuable information according to actual needs.
Relying on the IOT, big data, cloud computing and other high-tech, Compere's intelligent integrated energy management system can achieve real-time monitoring of energy consumption, single consumption index, comparative analysis, expert evaluation, energy forecasting, carbon emission prediction and intelligent maintenance, providing targeted solutions for multiple scenarios and applications, helping customers to use energy more effectively and achieve "energy-saving management, green efficiency".





During the exhibition, Compere attracted a lot of visitors and businessmen. Consultation and cooperation, product understanding, technical exchanges, media interviews, the scene was lively. Compere professional product manager team showed the system architecture, explained the product functions and technical solutions to customers and media, and explained the application scenarios and development prospects of six system platforms such as T@ENERGY energy management system solutions and T@ENERGY-BEMS building energy management system for the exhibitors, experts and customers.

Compere was officially established in 2013, formerly known as Henan Xuji Information Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has been cultivating the energy management field for decades, using "Internet of Things + Big Data" technology to create 4 main business lines: intelligent energy management, intelligent maintenance, prepayment, and carbon asset management, forming a highly integrated platform management mode from terminal to cloud, and trying its best to help enterprises achieve safe, efficient and environmentally friendly energy management level. In line with the development trend of the national "double carbon" target, we have developed a double carbon management platform to provide data support and implementation plan design for enterprises to reduce carbon emissions and help them achieve the "double carbon" target.