Case application

on 12 Aug 2020 16:43

This Cambodia energy management system project for sewage treatment plant is a newly built project. It includes water, electricity, gas consumption monitoring, temperature and humidity environmental monitoring and alarms, etc.

All smart meters in this projects are newly added and connected by RS485 shielded twisted pair.
The temperature and humidity sensor uses the wireless Lora solution for data collection.
All electric meters, water meters, gas meters and temperature and humidity sensor collectors are connected to the communication gateway KPM202 through RS485 shielded twisted pair cables. The KPM202 gateway transmits data to the server via 4G.

In this project, the T@ENERGY energy management system realizes real-time monitoring of water and electricity consumption and temperature and humidity data, data report generation, over-limit alarms and other functions, helping customers realize remote meter reading and unmanned duty, saving manpower and material resources .