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on 20 May 2022 10:47

What is prepayment system

The prepayment system is improved on the basis of traditional electricity payment. It adopts the mode of electricity purchase, electricity consumption, and automatic power-off, which realizes the integration of exceeding the standard, charging and control, making energy payment simpler and more efficient.

Prepayment system structure

(1) Energy efficiency management application layer
The system is a human-computer interaction center which can complete energy monitoring, energy consumption analysis, comparison ranking, energy management and online reporting of energy data through visual interaction tools such as large screens, PCs, mobile notebooks, mobile phones, and tablets. The system supports online payment by Paypal or other customized payment gateway by APP.
(2) Cloud server layer
As the brain of the energy management system, it integrates three functional centers of data server, interface server and application server, which can process all kinds of data transmitted by the network communication layer, and perform operations such as storage, forwarding, analysis, and management of data.
  (3) Network communication layer
RS485, Ethernet GPRS, 4G, NB-ot.lora, Zigbee, Wifi and other transmission methods are used on site to connect the data acquisition modules to the corresponding communication gateway; each communication gateway is connected to the central server through the user local area network or WIFI 4G.
  (4) Field device layer
The field device layer is responsible for the collection and upload of electricity, water, gas, heating and environmental parameters. The field equipment layer is composed of digital power meters, smart water meters, smart gas meters, temperature and humidity sensors and other acquisition devices. Those smart devices can have smart communication protocol to send the data to gateway or to server.