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on 19 Aug 2022 17:39
Why it is necessary for a corporation to build an energy management system

Energy management system is a new energy-saving technology that uses automation and information technology to integrate and control the energy system of enterprise production. By dynamically monitoring and managing all aspects of enterprise energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption, it can improve production technology, optimize energy balance and realize systematic energy saving and consumption reduction.
However, some enterprises are not very clear about the benefits of doing energy management system, this article will introduce the necessity of doing energy management system for enterprises.



I. Help enterprises to collect energy consumption data
Energy consumption statistics can display various energy consumption media (water, electricity, gas, heating, etc.) and the actual energy consumption of each department and each monitoring point in the enterprise through charts and tables, and for different departments, the energy consumption is sorted by the amount of energy used. The energy consumption by day is displayed in time dimension and provides the trend of energy consumption for the enterprise.

II. Help enterprises to analyze the energy consumption situation
Multi-directional analysis for different spatial dimensions such as enterprises, departments and key equipment, involving a variety of energy media (electricity, water, gas, heating, etc.), and analysis of energy consumption usage in different areas within a certain time frame, which can be visually displayed using bar graphs and line graphs, and energy consumption in different monitoring areas to achieve year-on-year, year-on-year and data change volumes. Comes with EXCEL creation and printing functions.

III. Reduce the operation cost of enterprises and improve labor productivity
It can reduce the operation and management cost and improve labor productivity. Traditional on-site management, operation duty and overhaul and its management have a large workload and high cost. The construction of energy control center will play an important demonstration role in the reform of management system for enterprises. The centralized control of the system can simplify energy operation and management, reduce the manpower input of daily management, save human resources cost and improve labor productivity.

IV. Find the equipment failure in time and reduce the loss for the enterprise
Speed up the fault and abnormality handling by the energy management system and improve the responsiveness to energy accidents. Energy dispatching can quickly understand the operation status of the system from a global perspective through the system and discover failure points so that timely measures can be taken to reduce losses. This is particularly effective in the case of extraordinary energy management systems. Save energy and improve the environment by optimizing energy dispatch and balancing the chain of command.

T@ENERGY energy management system is an platform based on B/S architecture for easier access, or C/S architecture for localized deployment according to customer needs. The platform collects energy consumption and operation information of each energy consumption monitoring point (power substation and distribution, lighting, air conditioning, elevator, water supply and drainage, hot water unit and key equipment), forming a statistical analysis of energy consumption by category, classification and area, which plays an important role in improving environmental protection quality, reducing the comprehensive energy consumption of enterprises and improving labor productivity, and helping customers use energy more effectively.