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on 18 May 2022 17:29
Building an energy management system is an important mechanism and method for corporations to find the energy-saving potential. It is also an important means for government to implement energy-saving supervision and management.
The energy management system developed by COMPERE has the functions of on-site energy consumption data collection, storage, analysis, network security, application display, and data forwarding. It provides timely data support for enterprises to clarify energy consumption, carry out energy-saving analysis and forecast, early warning, and improve energy-saving capabilities.

The role of energy management system

1st, it is an important means to implement energy-saving laws, regulations and standards

By strengthening energy-saving monitoring, urge corporation to implement energy-saving laws, regulations and standards, and promote the elimination of outdated process equipment and products.

2nd, providing technical and data support for energy conservation management departments.

Energy conservation monitoring is a means of technical supervision, which can reflect the overall energy utilization level of the corporation and the energy efficiency level of the main energy-using systems and equipment. The analysis report on the energy utilization status can be generated after the implementation of energy-saving monitoring, and provide rationalization suggestions as a scientific basis for the energy-saving authorities to deploy, coordinate, serve, and supervise the energy-saving work of enterprises.

3rd is to provide a scientific basis for enterprises to strengthen energy management.


Energy saving monitoring
Through quantitative analysis of the energy utilization status of enterprises, find out the reasons for energy waste and provide rectification suggestions, provide scientific basis for enterprises to implement rectification measures and carry out energy-saving technological transformation, and promote enterprises to strengthen energy management and improve energy efficiency.

Energy-saving monitoring systems classification

One is individual energy-saving monitoring system.

It refers to the monitoring of some items in the energy utilization status of enterprises, such as industrial boilers, heat transmission systems, enterprise power supply and distribution systems, and three-phase asynchronous motors. Individual monitoring should be carried out for key energy-consuming equipment of the enterprise.

The second is comprehensive energy conservation monitoring.

It refers to the monitoring of the overall energy utilization status of the enterprise. Comprehensive energy conservation monitoring should be carried out on a regular basis for high energy-consuming enterprise.