Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 09:47

On November 14, Henan Compere Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Yuxin Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. to provide KPM73 multi-function meter and KPM10 three-phase multi-function power meter.

Yuxin Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation's Singapore Airlines Group. It is committed to the development and manufacture of high quality automotive air conditioning products with nearly 40 years of aviation technology and experience in the production of aircraft cabin air conditioning. Yuxin Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. has a provincial-level automotive air-conditioning R&D center and an experienced technical team. There are more than ten air-conditioning heat exchanger core production lines with international advanced level, and the whole process error-proof control car, micro-car, CMB, bus, engineering vehicle, truck air-conditioning system assembly assembly line and vehicle air-conditioning environment simulation test Laboratory test equipment such as room, HVAC performance test room, air conditioning core performance test bench, etc., with an annual output of 750,000 sets of car air conditioning systems, 60,000 sets of passenger car air conditioning systems, 80,000 sets of engineering vehicle air conditioning systems, and 50,000 sets of truck air conditioning systems. Production capacity, with more than 1,000 product categories.