KPM51 Single phase smart power meter

KPM51 Single phase smart power meter

KPM51 is a multifunction single phase smart power meters, it integrates all power parameter measurements, modbus communications, remote control, etc. It is multifunctional and cost-effective, can be independently used in different occasions power measurement and display, helping customers save investment and use of space, it has been widely used in various industries.


  • Single phase smart power meter
  • Full electrical parameter measurement:
  • UL-L, UL-N, I, F, PF;
  • P, Q, S, bidirectional energy, etc. 
  • High accuracy: 
  • U Class 0.2;I Class 0.2;
  • P Class 0.5S; Active energy Class 0.5S
  • Record function:
  • Monthly average power factor and power data for the last three months
  • Meter working time, load time statics
  • Communication: RS485/Modbus-RTU
  • Optional function: 2 digital inputs;2 digital outputs
  • Optional function: PT100 temperature monitoring;4-20mA analog output


Working power source

Operating Voltage

AC 85-265V/ DC 80-300V


Rated power consumption

< 3VA

Input voltage

Rated voltage



Overvoltage capability

1.2 times rated voltage allowed, continuous work;

2 times the rated voltage allowed 10S


Rated power consumption

<0.5VA(per phase)


Measurement range


Input current

Rated current

Default 5A, input range 1-6A; optional 1A, input range 1-1.2A


Overload capacity

1.2 times rated current allowed, continuous work;

20 times the rated current allowed 1S


Rated power consumption

<0.75VA/phase(5A); <0.25VA/phase (1A)


Measurement range

5A:0~6A;  1A:0~1.2A

Measurement accuracy







Active power



Reactive power



Power factor




±0.02 (0.01Hz)


Active energy



Reactive energy






communication port

RS485,Photoelectric isolation interface


Communication protocol

Modbus-RTU, 1200-38400BPS


Switch value input  

2-way passive main line contact DI input, internal supply DC24V power supply


Relay output

2-Way DO output, contact capacity 250VAC / 5A, 30VDC / 5A


Analog output

Output range 4-20mA, overload 1.2 times


Temperature input

Temperature range 0-100℃

Working environment

Operating temperature

-25℃ ~ +70℃


Storage temperature

-30℃ ~ +75℃


Relative humidity

5% ~ 95% No condensation



Not more than 4000m



Dielectric strength

Power frequency voltage AC 2kV, working time 1 min


Insulation resistance



Impact voltage

5kV (Peak),1.2/50us

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electrostatic discharge immunity

IEC61000-4-3, level 4


Fast pulse group immunity

IEC61000-4-4, level 4


Surge immunity

IEC61000-4-5, level 4


Power frequency magnetic field immunity

IEC61000-4-8, level 4

KPM51E Low-voltage single-phase typical wiring diagram

KPM51 Specification Jan 01,70
KPM51 User Manual Jan 01,70

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