KPM75 Power Quality Analyzer

KPM75 Power Quality Analyzer

KPM75 is the advanced power quality analyzer that follow international power quality standards and monitor all power quality parameters such as flicker, short interruptions in recorded voltage, and harmonic up to 63rd measurements with power data Statistics, IO signal control alarm, communication and other functions. 
It's mainly used in main line to monitor the incoming line grid power quality online in real time.


  • Online Power Quality Analyzer
  • Full electrical parameter measurement: UL-L, UL-N, I, F, PF, P, Q, S, four-quadrant energy, etc. 
  • High accuracy: 
  • U Class 0.2;I Class 0.2
  • P Class 0.2S;Active energy Class 0.2S
  • Power quality analysis:
  • 2-63rd harmonic analysis;I/U Total distortion rate;
  • Crest coefficient; Valley coefficient;
  • Voltage imbalance rate, deviation; frequency deviation, etc.
  • Voltage fluctuation, flicker, intermittent wave, etc. 
  • Voltage short interruptions, surges and sags, etc. 
  • Record function:
  • 50 voltage fluctuation events; 50 voltage flicker events;
  • 50 voltage short interruptions events; 50 voltage surges and sags events;
  • Monthly average power factor and power data for the last three months;Maximum and minimum data
  • 100 digital inputs events;100 digital outputs events;
  • Meter working time, load time statics.
  • Communication: RS485/Modbus-RTU;Profibus-DP
  • Multi rate: Total 4 tariffs for 8 different time slots
  • Optional function: 
  • 4 digital inputs;
  • 4 digital outputs;
  • PT100 temperature monitoring;
  • 4-20mA analog output


Working power source

Operating Voltage

AC 85-265V/ DC 80-310V

Rated power consumption

< 3VA

Input voltage

Rated voltage


Overvoltage capability

1.2 times rated voltage allowed, continuous work;

2 times the rated voltage allowed 10S

Rated power consumption

<0.5VA(per phase)

Measurement range

LN:50~260VAC, LL:90~450VAC

Input current

Rated current

Default 5A, input range 1-6A; optional 1A, input range 1-1.2A

Overload capacity

1.2 times rated current allowed, continuous work;

20 times the rated current allowed 10S

Rated power consumption

<0.4VA(per phase)

Measurement range

5A:0~6A;  1A:0~1.2A

Measurement accuracy





Active power


Reactive power


Power factor




Active energy


Reactive energy


Measurement display

Basic parameter

Voltage / current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, active energy

Power quality

2-63rd harmonic distortion rate; total harmonic distortion rate; crest factor; current K factor; voltage / current imbalance rate, flicker, voltage surge, dips, short interruptions

Demand statistics

Power demand maximum, minimum and current value


8 time periods, 4 kinds of rates

historical data

Record monthly average power factor and power data for the last three months


communication port

RS485,Photoelectric isolation interface

Communication protocol

Modbus-RTU, 1200-38400BPS



Switch value input

4-way passive main line contact DI input, internal supply DC24V power supply

Relay output

4-Way DO output, contact capacity 250VAC / 5A, 30VDC / 5A

Pulse output

1-way passive optocoupler collector active pulse output

Product features


160 * 160 large dot-matrix LCD graphics display

Extensions function

Pluggable expansion design

Degree of protection




Working environment

Operating temperature

-25℃ ~ +70℃

Storage temperature

-30℃ ~ +75℃

Relative humidity

5% ~ 95% No condensation


Not more than 4000m


Withstand voltage

AC2kV/min~1mA input-output-source



Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electrostatic discharge immunity

IEC61000-4-3, level 4

Fast pulse group immunity

IEC61000-4-4, level 4

Surge immunity

IEC61000-4-5, level 4

Power frequency magnetic field immunity

IEC61000-4-8, level 4


KPM75RK High-voltage three-phase three-wire typical wiring


KPM75RK Low-voltage three-phase four-wire typical wiring


KPM75 specification Jan 01,70
KPM75 User manual Jan 01,70

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