PEF power factor controller

PEF power factor controller is a new type of intelligent power distribution measurement and control equipment that integrates functions of measurement, protection, switching control, and communication.

Measuring function: power factor, voltage and current, frequency, active power, reactive power, voltage / current harmonic total distortion rate, voltage / current harmonic content rate, temperature, etc.
Protection functions: over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, small current protection, harmonic over-limit protection, over-temperature protection, parameter power-off protection.
Additional functions: temperature measurement, fault alarm, forced air cooling control, RS485 communication interface.


  • PEF power factor controller
  • 1. High-speed digital signal processor core 
  • 2. Chinese and English interface optional, optional manual and automatic mode
  • 3. Reactive power and power factor are used as composite control objects, effectively avoiding over or under compensation of reactive power, and no switching oscillation occurs at small loads 
  • 4. Analysis system 3 ~ 21th harmonic content, voltage harmonic total distortion rate (TH Du%), current harmonic total distortion rate (TH Di%) 
  • 5. Adopt adaptive frequency algorithm, strong anti-interference ability, adapt to thousands of complicated site conditions
  • 6. According to the capacity setting of each compensation branch, the combination of "cyclic switching" and "encoding optimized switching" improves the compensation accuracy and extends the service life of the capacitor bank.
  • 7. International Modbus communication protocol.


Model Specification Panel size/ mm Installation size/mm
PEF2100 06 6-step control, contactor switching application 148X148 138X138
PEF2100 12 12-step control, contactor switching application 148X148 138X138
PEF2200 06 6-step control, thyristor switching application 148X148 138X138
PEF2200 12 12-step control, thyristor switching application 148X148 138X138
PEF2300 24 24-step control, phase separation compensation application 148X148 138X138
Power supply 220V AC±20%
Sampling voltage 380V AC±20%
Sampling current 0-5A / 0-1A
Control loops No. 6 steps / 12 steps / 24 steps
Output node capacity 220V AC 2-5A (PEF2100 06/12) 12V DC 60mA (PEF2200 06/12, PEF2300 24)
Switching delay time 0.02-600s
Display Chinese and English LCD
Ambient temperature -25 ° C ~ + 65 ° C
Relative humidity up to 95%
Altitude below 2500 meters
Installation environment clean, no conductive dust

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