T@Ecarbon Enterprise Carbon Emission Management System

T@ECarbon Enterprise Carbon Emission Management System

T@ECarbon Enterprise Carbon Emission Management System can monitor carbon emission statistical accounting data, display greenhouse gas emissions, export carbon emission yearly, monthly and daily reports, etc. Through the digital Carbon Emission management system, it can help key emission units complete carbon accounting and carbon quotas at low cost.

System Overview

The  system can collect energy consumption data and operation information from on-site and forming a classification of energy consumption, sub-item and sub-area statistics. It includes online monitoring, analyzing, reporting, controlling, maintenance, production management, prediction, and other functions.

Main functions:
Enterprise Carbon Emission Dashboard
Carbon inventory
Carbon monitoring
Carbon analysis
Carbon quota
Product carbon footprint
Energy saving and emission reduction projects

energy management system
Core Tech Software structure B/S
Programming language Java
Network technology  Web crawler, digital twin, AI 
Database MySql, Timing libraries
System  Linux, Windows
Language CN/EN
Accessed nodes No. 50000
Historical data storage ≥5 years
Telemetry and telesignal 
System average uptime  10000h
Mission success rate  500 users concurrently, 100%
4 assistants 

Auxiliary corporate carbon quotas; statistics on compliance and emission reduction projects
Assist enterprises in setting and adjusting carbon emission targets
Assist enterprises to build carbon emission management systems
Assist enterprises to understand the current status of carbon emissions

1 enhancement

Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises’ upstream supply chain

1 break

Break information silos and provide data interfaces to connect with multiple systems


Architecture Diagram

T@ECarbon Enterprise Carbon Emission Management System is based on T@energy Smart Energy Management System for data collection to realize the functions such as panoramic perception, analysis and evaluation, early warning prediction, and assisted decision-making. It realizes holographic perception of enterprise carbon emissions and automatic data accounting, improves the accuracy of accounting, and can better assist enterprises in scientific decision-making. 


1. Realize real-time monitoring, alarm checking, report export, maintenance record, consumption analysis, expert evaluation and other functions based on energy data.

2. Build a distributed, multi-redundancy internet data center for enterprise data AI analysis based on the "Internet + big data".

3. Multiple data transmission networks. Optical fiber, twisted pair, VPN and others for wired transmission, and 4G, 5G, WIFI, Lora, ZigBee, NB-IoT and others for wireless transmission.

4. Collect the power consumption, water, gas and steam,etc. consumption by replacing old meters or adding new meters. API or webservice or other data docking serivce can be provided. Support MES, SCADA, DCS, ERP, etc.


System Function Feature


Energy Management Visualizing FIG
◼ Integrate plant-wide energy information, combine static data and dynamic data to make energy management intelligent.
◼ Real-time control of energy performance indicators.
◼ Flexible filter, presents the information of selected items at any time.
◼ Personalized exclusive page


Smart Consumption Unit
◼ Custom combination of energy consumption units. Create a virtual model to realize the display, monitoring and management of energy consumption units
◼ Single energy consumption unit operation analysis, statistical analysis, economic analysis, correlation analysis, alarm analysis, comparative analysis of multiple energy consumption units
◼ Use IoT sensing and other technologies to complete informatization and visualization of infrastructure to achieve efficient asset management
◼ Combine data twins, web crawlers, and big data mining to perform AI prediction of energy consumption data and optimize energy conservation.


Turnkey Project


Customer Cases

T@Energy wisdom energy management system for DAYUNAUTO

Solution  T@Energy wisdom energy management system
Project 200 pcs power meter 
32 pcs electromagnetic flow meter
6 sets aircompressor
4 pcs gas meter
Country  China

- Promote intelligent manufacturing and improve the overall strength of the company.
- Participate in the electricity sales business, reduce the energy cost, change the manual meter reading to automatic reading, achieve data visualization for all factories

- T@Energy platform
- IOS APP & Andriod APP
- 10* KPM204
- 200*KPM53
- Provincial power demand side platform data docking
Customer value

- Anyone/ Anytime/ Anywhere to know the consumption data
- Access to the provincial power demand side platform and participate in the electricity sales
- Automatically generate reports and send fault alarms to the mobile APP to reduce the power off risks


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