T@Prepay Prepayment System

Prepayment system can eliminate electricity bill arrears, reduces management personnel and costs. It has great advantages over traditional charging methods.

With functions such as remote meter reading, remote control on/off, remote electricity sales, energy consumption analysis, data report, power warning, monthly billing, site/ online APP payments, financial review, refund, etc. 

It supports Paypal, Alipay, Wechat pay online payment and on site payment. We can also offer customized payment gateway for different countries. 

System Overview

The  system can support automatic meter reading, remote control on/off, online payment, energy consumption analysis, data report, power warning, etc..

Main functions:Automatic emote reading & control, Report service, Data analysis, Online payment, Prepayment, Recharge, Refund, Financial review.

energy management system
Core Tech Software structure B/S
Programming language Java
Network technology  Web crawler, digital twin, AI 
Database MySql
System  Linux, Windows
Language CN/EN
Accessed nodes No. 50000
Historical data storage ≥5 years
Telemetry and telesignal 
System average uptime  10000h
Mission success rate  500 users concurrently, 100%

Customer Benefits

Short term 

Automatic meter reading, remote control, online payment, report service



More accurate counting


Long term

Easier maintenance, saving manpower.



System Structure

Smart energy management system is based on onsite smart meters reading, using "Internet + big data" technology, freely combines into multiple "consumption unit", with real-time monitoring, unit consumption indicators, relative analysis, contrastive analysis, expert evaluation, and energy forecasting functions, etc.

1. Realize real-time monitoring, alarm checking, report export, prepayment, recharge, different authority and other functions.

2. Build a distributed, multi-redundancy internet data center for enterprise data AI analysis based on the "Internet + big data".

3. Multiple data transmission networks. Optical fiber, twisted pair, VPN and others for wired transmission, and 4G, 5G, WIFI, Lora, ZigBee, NB-IoT and others for wireless transmission.

4. Collect the power consumption, water, gas and steam,etc. consumption by replacing old meters or adding new meters. API or webservice or other data docking serivce can be provided. Support MES, SCADA, DCS, ERP, etc.



System Function Feature


Prepayment function
◼ PC online payment.
◼ User APP online direct payment
◼ Flexible billing plan and cost control plan.


prepaid meter report service

Report service
◼ Multi tariffs setting
◼ Daily weekly monthly quarterly yearly data report
◼ Energy cost accounting


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