KP-YCT-50 Clamp current transformer

In electrical energy measurement, some measurement circuits can't directly measure electrical parameters. Under this environment, the transformer must be transferred to measure.

Usage: Used for AC current, power, energy monitoring devices; relay protection devices; power factor correction devices.



  • Open-close installation, good consistency
  • Good linearity and high sensitivity
  • Good stability, light weight, multiple opening sizes for easy installation
  • Easy installation, opening and closing installation, no need to disconnect the system power

Main parameters

  • Form Open-close installation current transformer
  • Feeder cable 1m
  • Number of core turns 1
  • Accuracy class 0.5
  • Rated voltage Un 0.66KV
  • Input current 0 ~ 1000A
  • Rated output 0 ~ 1A 0 ~ 5A 0 ~ 0.333v (according to customer demand)
  • Isolation voltage AC 3.0KV / min (secondary to ground)
  • Working temperature Specified working range: -25 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Limit working range: -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
  • Operating humidity 10% to 95%
  • Altitude ≤ 3000m


  • Transformers are used in AC circuits with a rated voltage not exceeding 0.66kV, and the long-term working current does not exceed the rated value
  • The measuring instrument is connected to terminals S1 and S2. The total impedance (including wiring) of the instrument connected to the external circuit of the secondary winding of the transformer should not exceed its rated load.
  • The current transformer is strictly forbidden to open the circuit twice during operation.


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