KPM31C Single phase 4G DIN rail prepaid energy meter

KPM31C Single phase 4G DIN rail prepaid energy meter

KPM31C Single phase 4G DIN rail prepaid energy meter is in full compliance with the international standard IEC62053:2003 on the 0.5S class energy meter of the relevant technical requirements. It integrates measurement of voltage, current, power, power factory, power consumption and 4g communication together. 

Application Occasion

1.Energy and energy efficiency management system.
2.Internal energy consumption statistical analysis and charging statistics basis.
3.Energy metering,automatic meter reading system.
4.Intelligent distribution management system.


  • Single phase 4g din rail prepaid energy meter
  • Full electrical parameter measurement:
  • U, I, F, PF, P;
  • 4 quadrant energy, prepaid kwh, etc.
  • High accuracy:
  • Voltage accuracy Class 0.2
  • Current accuracy Class 0.2
  • Power accuracy Class 0.5
  • Active energy Class 0.5
  • Reactive energy accuracy Class 2.0
  • Record function:
  • 12 month energy consumption frozen data;
  • Meter working time, load time statics.
  • Prepaid power left value. 
  • Other features:
  • Communication:WIFI/4G based on MQTT; RS485 based on MODBUS RTU
  • Installation method:DIN rail 35MM
  • Remote control on/off.
  • Automatic power off after prepaid power used out.


KPM31 single phase din rail smart energy meter

Input Voltage

Working Voltage

AC 110V/220V

Frequency range


Rated power consumption


Input current

Rated current


Frequency range


Measurement accuracy





Active power


Reactive power


Power factor



±0.02 (0.01Hz)

Active energy


Reactive energy



Clock accuracy



communication port

RS485,Photoelectric isolation interface

Communication protocol

Modbus-RTU, 1200-19200BPS

Working environment

Operating temperature

-10℃ ~ +55℃

Storage temperature

-20℃ ~ +75℃

Relative humidity

5% ~ 95% No condensation



Dielectric strength

Power frequency voltage AC 2kV, working time 1 min

Insulation resistance


Impact voltage

5kV (Peak),1.2/50us

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electrostatic discharge immunity

IEC61000-4-2, level 4

Fast pulse group immunity

IEC61000-4-4, level 4

Surge immunity

IEC61000-4-5, level 4

Power frequency magnetic field immunity

IEC61000-4-8, level 4

KPM31C single phase din rail 4G smart energy meter direct access typical wiring diagram


KPM31C user manual Jun 16,52

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