KPM53 Three phase smart digital power meter

KPM53 Three phase smart digital power meter

KPM53 three phase smart digital power meter is used to measure three-phase electrical parameters, display, power statistics, power quality analysis, digital input / output and network communications in one. With high precision Class 0.5s, strong isolation, stable performance, anti-interference ability, etc.; the device also has a very strong expansion capabilities, such as monitoring of external switching action, 4-20mA analog output. Also the network management of the instrument can be realized through RS-485 / Modbus communication protocol.


  • Digital panel three phase smart digital power meter
  • Full electrical parameter measurement: UL-L, UL-N, I, F, PF, P, Q, S, four-quadrant energy, etc. 
  • High accuracy: U Class 0.2;I Class 0.2.
  • High accuracy: P Class 0.5S; Active energy Class 0.5S.
  • Power quality analysis:
  • 2-31st harmonic analysis;I/U Total distortion rate.
  • Crest coefficient;Valley coefficient.
  • Current, Voltage imbalance rate.
  • Record function:
  • Monthly average power factor and power data for the last three months.
  • Electrical parameters maximum and minimum data.
  • Meter working time, load time statics.
  • Communication: RS485/Modbus-RTU;Profibus-DP
  • Optional function:
  • 2 digital inputs;
  • 2 digital outputs
  • PT100 temperature monitoring;
  • 4-20mA analog output


Working power source Operating Voltage AC 85-265V/ DC 80-310V
Rated power consumption < 3VA
Input voltage Rated voltage 57.7/100V,220/380V,380/660V
Overvoltage capability 1.2 times rated voltage allowed, continuous work;
2 times the rated voltage allowed 10S
Rated power consumption <0.5VA(per phase)
Measurement range LN:50~260VAC, LL:90~450VAC
Input current Rated current Default 5A, input range 1-6A; optional 1A, input range 1-1.2A
Overload capacity 1.2 times rated current allowed, continuous work;
20 times the rated current allowed 1S
Rated power consumption <0.75VA/phase(5A); <0.45VA/phase (1A)
Measurement range 5A:0~6A;  1A:0~1.2A
Power quality monitor Harmonic measurement U/I 2-31st harmonic distortion rate
Harmonic distortion rate Phase voltage,Phase current
Imbalance rate Voltage,Current
Measurement accuracy Voltage ±0.2%(0.01V)
Current ±0.2%(0.01A)
Active power ±0.5%(0.01W)
Reactive power ±2.0%(0.01var)
Power factor ±0.5%(0.001)
Frequency ±0.02 (0.01Hz)
Active energy ±0.5%(0.1kwh)
Reactive energy ±2.0%(0.1kvarh)
Temperature ±1℃(1℃)
Communication communication port RS485,Photoelectric isolation interface
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU, 1200-38400BPS
DI & DO Switch value input   2-way passive main line contact DI input, internal supply DC24V power supply
Relay output 2-Way DO output, contact capacity 250VAC / 5A, 30VDC / 5A
Analog output Output range 4-20mA, overload 1.2 times
Temperature input Temperature range 0-100℃
Working environment Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ +75℃
Relative humidity 5% ~ 95% No condensation
Altitude Not more than 4000m
Dielectric strength Power frequency voltage AC 2kV, working time 1 min
Insulation resistance >50MΩ
Impact voltage 5kV (Peak),1.2/50us
Electromagnetic Compatibility Electrostatic discharge immunity IEC61000-4-3, level 4
Fast pulse group immunity IEC61000-4-4, level 4
Surge immunity IEC61000-4-5, level 4
Power frequency magnetic field immunity IEC61000-4-8, level 4

KPM53ZRK High-voltage three-phase three-wire typical wiring diagram


KPM53ZRK Low-voltage three-phase four-wire typical wiring diagram


KPM 53 User manual Jun 16,25
KPM53 specifications Jun 16,04

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