KPM83GTD Digital Generator Transformer Differential Protection Relay

KPM83GTD Digital Generator Transformer Differential Protection Relay

KPM83GTD Digital Generator Transformer Differential Protection Device is applicable to the protection, measurement and control of generator and transformer, resistance grounding system and direct grounding system with voltage below 10kV, as well as 2000kW and above asynchronous motors with differential protection. It can be installed on the panel or locally in the switchgear. 


  • KPM83GTD Digital generator transformer differential Protection Relay Main features:
  • Multi-tasking operating system, modular programming; good real-time performance and
    high reliability for Digital Line Protection Device
  • Standard communication protocol for easy communication with PC monitoring or gateway.
  • Complete circuit breaker operation loop, setting the remote control function of the circuit
  • Protection and measurement and control integration, single device interval complete main
  • Protection function:
  • Cut-off acting
  • Differential quick break trip
  • Ratio differential trip
  • Differential current out of limit alarm
  • PT CT disconnection alarm
  • CT disconnection locking ratio differential
  • Under Over threshold protection
  • Locked rotor protection trip
  • Negative sequence section I trip, section II alarm trip optional
  • Non electric quantity protection t emperature rise, over temperature, electrical
  • System power loss trip
  • Measurement function:
  • Uab, Ubc, Uca, Ua, Ub, Uc, Ia, Ib, Ic, P, Q, COS, F, EP+, EP, EQ+, EQ
  • With 14 channels of remote signal input acquisition
  • 10 relay outlets (including 1 alarm / trip respectively), which can be expanded by 3
  • Power loss signal of 1 way device
  • Event SOE record
  • Communication interface
  • 1 way Ethernet port
  • 1 way 485 port
  • 1 channel B code timing port (also used as the second channel 485
    communicati on port)
  • Communication protocol 103 communication protocol, Modbus RTU protocol


Rated electrical parameters
  • F requency 50Hz
  • AC current 5A or 1A r ated current In
  • AC voltag e 100V o r 57.7V r ated voltage Un
  • AC / DC working power:  AC AC85V~265V 50Hz±0.5Hz Harmonic distortion rate not greater than 15%
                                                  DC DC85V~265V Ripple coefficient not greater than 5%
  • Digital system operating voltage: +5V Allowable deviation ±0.15V
  • Operating voltage of relay circuit :+24V Allowable deviation ±2V
  • Remote measurement metering accuracy:
                                           current , voltage Class 0.2
                                           frequency ±0.01Hz
                                           other Class 0.5

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