KPMG60 Motor smart temperature vibration sensor

KPMG60 Motor smart temperature vibration sensor

KPMG60 Intelligent temperature and vibration sensor is a new type vibration data acquisition sensor.
The product is waterproof, dust-proof, easy to install and maintain, and the wireless digital signal transmission method eliminates the noise interference caused by long cable transmission, and the whole measurement system has high measurement accuracy and anti-interference capability.

Functions of KPMG60 Motor smart temperature vibration sensor
  • Vibration measurement: Vibration, Speed, Acceleration, Frequency
  • Temperature measurement: -40~85℃
  • Ultrasonic measurement: Microphone  Range of amplitude: 0.6 N/m2 - 20 N/m2
  • Measurement frequency: 100Hz~80kHz
Communication of KPMG60 Motor smart temperature vibration sensor
  • Wifi wireless transmission with built-in antenna
  • Outdoor unobstructed communication distance of 150 meters or more
  • Bluetooth configuration acquisition and forwarding
Battery of KPMG60 Motor smart temperature vibration sensor:
  • Lithium sub-battery power supply, capacity 12000mAh
  • Temperature measurement: -40~85℃
  • Working time more than 24 months (measurement interval 5 minutes, data upload interval 24 hours) 
Other features:
  • Easy installation, fixture fastening, gluing fixed to the measured equipment
  • Protection class:IP66
  • Impact limit:100g
  • Ambient temperature:-40-85C
Technical parameters of KPMG60 smart bluetooth sensor wireless iot wifi motor vibration sensor

Vibration Characteristics
Measurement of vibration parameters 3 axes (each axis contains displacement peak value, acceleration peak value, velocity RMS value)
Speed measurement range 0.01-200mm/s
Acceleration measurement range ±16g
Resolution 0.01m/s2
Precision Acceleration: ±5%@80Hz
Speed: ±5%@80Hz
Displacement: ±5%@80Hz
Frequency Response Range 10Hz-1600Hz
Temperature Characteristics Measurement Range -40~85℃
Resolution 0.1°C
Precision ±1℃(under temperature stable condition)
Ultrasonic measurements Microphone Range of amplitude: 0.6 mN/m2 - 20 N/m2
Measurement frequency: 100Hz~80kHz
Power supply parameters Power supply method 3.6V (Li-ion battery)
Battery Capacity Battery capacity 12000mAH, 3.6V
Standby current <30uA
Operating current <20mA during acquisition, <300mA during data upload
Housing parameters Housing Stainless steel/reinforced PBT
Dimension(L*W*H) 86mm*86mm*41.9mm
Installation method Aluminum clamp, flat bottom mounting (on equipment platform or heat sink bars)
Protection level IP66
Working Environment Hitting the Limits 100g
Ambient temperature range -40~85℃

KPMG60 Motor smart temperature vibration sensor solution diagram

KPMG60 User manual Jan 01,70

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