Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 11:22

The multi-function instrument of Henan Kangpai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully applied to the cold rolling mill project of Angang Group.

Angang Group was founded in 1958. In the 30 years of reform and opening up, Angang has created an excellent performance of sustained profit and no loss, and has become a modern steel group of 10 million tons and ranks among the strongest steel factories. In 2016, Angang ranked 350th in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises". As the leading and regional leader in the industry, Angang Group's concept of quality casting brand is surging in the blood of Angang. Therefore, Angang has always strict requirements on product quality and safety control. The quality of electricity is not only the main factor for the normal production of the enterprise, but also one of the key points that restrict the process and quality of the product. Because the electrical equipment of iron and steel enterprises, such as a large number of non-linear loads such as electric arc furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, rolling mill, etc., a large number of harmonics, voltage flicker fluctuations, voltage sag and other problems in the working process not only seriously affect the system power quality, but also Will cause damage to the electrical equipment.

Therefore, Angang Group's standards for screening power distribution monitoring products are very strict. Through several purchases and use of Compere intelligent power distribution monitoring and management products, Angang Group has highly recognized the product quality and after-sales service of Compere Intelligent. Therefore, in the Angang Group cold rolling mill project, Compere intelligent KPM53 three-phase intelligent power meter is still selected. This instrument can measure and analyze 2-31 harmonics and standard configuration RS485 communication interface (exponable according to customer needs) -DP), using FSTN large screen LCD display, can get good visual effects in a large viewing angle environment.