Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 10:02

One of the important responsibilities of a company is to benefit its employees. As the leader of Henan steel enterprises, Angang Group has always been committed to seeking more benefits for its employees, so that employees have a warm home. Therefore, Angang Group has set up a group employee general hospital for its employees based on its own needs. The Group's General Staff Hospital serves as a benchmark project for gathering cohesiveness of enterprises. We strive for excellence in all aspects and aim to provide a better experience for our employees.

The hospital's medical equipment is a high-precision electrical equipment, which has high requirements for the quality of electricity. According to effective statistics, the main causes of medical equipment failures are: voltage fluctuations, frequency offsets, power supply disturbances, and improper internal power supply system configuration. Therefore, Angang Group uses Kangpai intelligent KPM33 three-phase rail type smart meter to monitor various power parameters of workers' hospital electrical equipment. The instrument has the advantages of convenient installation, high measurement accuracy and small size, and provides accurate measurement data for the normal operation of medical equipment.