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on 19 Aug 2022 14:52

With the economy development, the environmental resources pressure are increasing and lead the situation of energy saving and emission reduction is serious. During the vigorous promotion of energy conservation in the building sector, the problem of high energy consumption in the office buildings and large public buildings has become increasingly prominent. So, how can public buildings do a good job in energy management?

Compere T@BEMS building energy management system can help to refine the management of energy use in large public buildings and improve the building energy efficiency level and reduce building energy consumption.

The building energy management system is developed to monitor electricity, water, cooling and heat and indoor and outdoor environmental parameters of the building to establish a sound energy monitoring and measurement system through the smart sensors data collection of data, and carries out energy efficiency analysis and optimization to improve building energy efficiency management and reduce energy consumption of the building.
The platform mainly consists of monitoring platform, communication network, site monitoring network, various smart meters and sensors, smart gateway (for connecting third-party smart meters and sensors), site controller, network controller, etc. The system architecture mainly includes three levels: data acquisition layer, network transmission layer, and data analysis management layer.
The functions and applications of the platform mainly involve monitoring and measurement of energy consumption data, analysis and diagnosis of energy consumption data, early warning of energy consumption safety, intelligent floor distribution, and intelligent prepaid management of commercial tenants.
、Monitoring and measurement of energy consumption data
The building energy management system monitors energy consumption data of electricity, cooling, water and heat in the building online through various intelligent measuring instruments, and displays the data in the form of tables, curves and graphics at all levels of terminals, realizing real-time monitoring of each energy-using link as well as classification, itemization and zoning statistics of energy consumption data, ensuring the reliability of the data source and providing a basis for the refined management of building energy consumption.

、Analysis and diagnosis of energy consumption data


 The building management platform calculates and processes all kinds of energy consumption data collected, and completes systematic analysis of total energy consumption, energy classification consumption, energy application classification consumption, unit area energy consumption, per capita energy consumption, year-on-year and year-over-year data.

3. Early warning of energy consumption safety

The platform can monitor the operation status of the building energy system dynamically in the whole process, and alarm the abnormal situation, and send the alarm information to the staff quickly to help them investigate the on-site fault in time.

、Intelligent floor power distribution

After the intelligent transformation of some floor distribution cabinets, it is connected to the intelligent energy management platform to realize remote sub-regional and time-sharing control of floor air conditioners, lighting, water boilers and other equipment to reduce the waste of energy consumption caused by forgetting to close air conditioners and lighting during non-working periods.

、Intelligent management of commercial tenant prepayment


Prepaid management system is developed in the platform to realize intelligent management of electricity, gas, water consumption of commercial tenants.

The building energy management system can provide scientific and visualized management tools for large public buildings management. It can improve building energy-saving operation and reduce users' energy costs, and also sort out green and low-carbon social image for users and lay a good foundation for establishing resource-saving enterprises.