Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 10:05

There is no small matter related to people's livelihood. Government agencies carry important responsibilities for the benefit of the people and the maintenance of social stability. In particular, the functional service department that has direct contact with people's lives is subject to the attention and pressure from all aspects of society, and it also represents the external image of the government. For example, the public security organ. Its main duties are to prevent, stop and investigate illegal and criminal activities; to combat terrorist activities; to maintain social order. Many of its departments have high requirements for responding to the needs of society in a timely manner. Therefore, in the construction project of the technical and technical housing of Jiaozuo City Public Security Bureau, through repeated comparisons with a number of power distribution manufacturers, we finally selected Compere intelligent multi-function power meter to monitor the energy consumption and power quality, and improve management and transportation. Dimension level.

Compere intelligent three-phase intelligent power meter not only has rich and comprehensive monitoring functions, but also has strong expansion functions, such as analog output, digital input, relay output, temperature input and other functions to meet the various individual needs of users.