Case application

on 20 Jun 2019 11:22

As a smart energy system integrator, Henan Compere Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of energy management systems and power quality monitoring products, and in power supply, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, education and medical, building construction. There are a large number of practical cases in the fields of petrochemical industry. Among them, Jinan Yaoqiang Airport is a typical customer of Compere Intelligence.

Jinan Yaoqiang Airport is an important international airport and air traffic hub with international navigation conditions. It covers an area of 6,200 mu and is one of China's important entry gateways and trunk airports. It is Shandong Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. And the base airport of Shenzhen Airlines.

The power distribution management personnel of Jinan Yaoqiang Airport found that the electricity bills have increased for several consecutive months. According to the comparison, Compere Intelligent has a strong professional ability in power management systems and multi-function meters. Randomly contact with Compere Smart, Compere intelligently arranges technical personnel to investigate the actual problems on the spot according to the information and problems feedback from customers. Through the instrument inspection, it is found that there is a problem that the power factor is not up to standard, and communicate with the on-site staff. A preliminary solution was proposed: it is recommended that Jinan Yaoqiang Airport use reactive power compensation equipment to solve the problem of power factor non-compliance, and increase the power management system to facilitate intelligent management of the equipment.